Lyrical Content Of “I am for the Lord”

Here is what you can expect to hear me singing come Friday evening!

vs 1

Faith is for mountains moved and
Grace is for burdens borne and
Love is for us to be giving and
I  am for the Lord


And I lift up my voice and I sing Glory
I lift up my voice and I cry out You’re worthy
I lift up my voice and I sing this song for Thee
My Lord, My God, My king

vs 2

Light is for piercing the darkness and
Truth is for setting men free and
The Blood is for washing all our sins and
I am for the King

New Verse

Joy, it comes in the morning and
Tears are for wiping away and
Dance is what I’ll do on that day when
I stand before my King


This song was completed over the course of last week. I literally threw these tracks together and discovered a workable mess of sounds. I like it, not as polished as I would usually try for but again, this will get me back on track to give July’s song full treatment!

Picture of last night’s sunset… Did you see it too??? My picture doesn’t do it justice!!!

My art will never compare to God’s!!! But what Inspiration!!!



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“I Am For The Lord”

“I am for the Lord” is scheduled for release this Friday.

I can hardly believe how it’s come together. I chose this one to get me out of the tunnel and into the light. It’s a simple song structure. Simple chord progression and are bit shorter than 3 minutes. It’s a fun song to both play and sing to top it all off.

Above are the tracks I put together over a course of two days! It was surprisingly good. The ideas were laid out and I’ve been refining tracks discovering the need for fills and effects.

I’m not holding this one to a super tight standard but I am holding it to a Friday evening release!

Hope you are enjoying the project thus far. If so, let me know! I love getting the feedback!

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Lyrical Content of “Oh I Sing”

Father’s Day was great, I woke up and wandered down the hall early Sunday morning when I hear loudly, “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!” I stood there and just looked at my blessings. They all stood there smiling and waiting in line to hug me and tell me how much they love me. I am truly blessed! Check out the card ; )


I love it!!!

On to the subject at hand, In a couple of days I’ll be releasing the newest addition to the project, song number 5. Supposed to have been May’s Song of the month but hey… life happens. Number 5 still marks the halfway point for the project though. Wow… halfway there!  Before the release take some time to read the lyrics and think about how or if  they relate to you.


I have reason to sing

I ‘ve been set free

The door opened wide

The chains fell at my feet

I walked out of prison

 I have reason Oh to sing



I lift my voice to my deliverer

I sing of HIs victory over my captor

I sing of His strength and of His power

I sing of Jesus and I’ll, I’ll sing forever



I was dumb now I speak

Blind now I see

My heart overflows

A song swells up in me

I come into your presence

I play, I dance, Oh I sing





Oh I sing

I lift my voice

I raise my hands

I’ve made my choice

I will not be ashamed

I confess your Holy name




I sing I sing I sing of Jesus

I sing I sing I sing of my Lord

I sing of Jesus


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“Oh I Sing”

I had a break through earlier this week. Let me share first the frustration. I had recorded rhythm, drums and vocals. The rhythm track was only for drafting purposes however once drums and vocals were added I thought it sounded great together so I left it. From that point on there was nothing I could play that added to the song, I felt it all detracted from it. Again and again I attempted to add tracks only to delete them later. I was considering releasing the song as is, three tracks and call it done.

Monday evening I arrived home with a new found inspiration for the song. Determined, I set the recording software up, plugged in my Epiphone ES-339 Ultra and did not stop playing until I had pleased my self set requirements. I had created an intro and accents that made me smile. Finally, I was getting over the hurdle, I was actually making progress.


As of this writing I will re-record the rhythm track and clean up my lead guitar work. After that I will mixdown and master, then release the song on social media platforms as is custom. If I had to set a date I’d say look for it mid next week!


Thanks again for your interest and support! I love getting the emails and messages! Keep ’em coming!!!




UpDaTe… life is Crazy sometimes!

Happy First DAy of JUNE!!!! Wow! I still need to finish May’s song and get started on June’s! It’s going to be a busy musical month. I hope you’ll hang in here with me!

First let me tell you about “Closer”.  It has been well received by my would be audience (anyone I can convince to give my songs a listen lol) and used by the Holy Spirit! I was told upon hearing the song by two that it has stuck in their minds, When found about to act out in the flesh in whatever ways, they have told me they hear “Closer is where I want to be…” Stuff like this floors me! It is really just too cool! If you haven’t heard it check out the YouTube video linked by the picture below!


Moving onward, I have already started on “Oh I sing”, May’s song. I have hopes that it will resonate with listeners on different levels.  Ephesians 5:19 states… Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; It’s what we are called to do by the Word, and we all have different songs our hearts sing. This could be that song for many who may not know how to find it. Time always tells even if I’m not there to hear it!

That being said if the songs are resonating with you let me know, share your thoughts! I would love to hear them!


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Getting Back On Track!!!

It would appear the cold is over, the sickness is gone and wellness is again my physical state of being. A realization that much time has past since I first came down with the cold. I was feeling much better within a week but was left with an awful sounding voice. I could not bear the thought of recording such unpleasant noise!

This week I returned to the task at hand recording vocals. If I can finish this week it will give me time to start on May’s song project. As always time will tell!


I have a vocal track to process and after listening again there is some editing of the ending I have to do. And then there is the smoothing out of transitions going into the verses. This weekend is looking like a wash out so that should give me plenty of time to work on the song!

Thanks for everyone who wondered where April’s song was and if I was OK! As of this post I am back on track!!!

Talk again soon!!!