Here we are at the completion of the 2018 Music Project! I can hardly believe it but we are. I cannot tell you how fast this year has flown by with a monthly deadline and Year end goal. It seems so distant when I first set out to record “No One Knows”  And with each song’s completion I kept pressing forward. Today We claim, “Mission Accomplished”

Looking back there was the initial boom of support I received. I think in part because of facebook’s algorithms. I had taken a year off of facebook and when I came back on that first post went to every single individual on my friends list! It was crazy! I mean really crazy, I couldn’t believe the feedback I was getting! It fueled the fire and kept me going even when the interest seemed to diminish.

Now, 9 songs later, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. It feels good to know I set and met the goal! With all the unfinished projects that go on in the world, The 2018 Music Project is not among them! I hope you enjoy this final installment!

Click the Pic!!!


A sincere THANK YOU to all who have ventured by during this past year!!! I appreciate the Likes the emails and your support! Its meant a lot to me. In closing I have high hopes for more music in the future. very high hopes!!!

Until next time,



Almost There!!!

A quick update on “Receive My Praise”, I have all recorded parts finished. I want to add some drum fills and then master the tracks. That will be all!

I will share some preview reviews…

My 6 year old, “Dad that was Really Good, no wait, that was Great!, no wait, That was AWESOME!!! High Five Dad!”

My 16 year old son, “It has the best tracked vocal yet Dad!”

My 17 year old daughter as she smiled ear to ear, “That was awesome, Dad you did such a great job, my expectations were exceeded… Two High Fives!!! Can I listen again?”  I might add this is her favorite of all my originals : ) I was extremely pleased at her reaction!

It is my hope to gather similar reviews upon the release. As always time will tell.

I will not be releasing it Today, October the 31st… I think for obvious reasons  : ) I don’t want to try to compete with the excitement for Halloween… lol and its not quite finished!


I will have it mixed mastered and video presentation ready in no time and will be releasing it the first full week of November, I haven’t picked a date yet. I’m sure one day over the other will garner more interest, Logistics lol.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am!!!

Thanks for dropping In


Eight Days Out!!!

Receive My Praise is well underway. I have parts worked out, tempo set, drum beats laid out, rough guitar and vocals. It’s time to sharpen the vision! The remainder of this week will be tell tale as to a successful release.

You bring light to the dark

You put joy inside my heart

You’re the breath of life inside of me

You give sight to the blind

You cause the dead to rise

You’re our all in all and our everything



You were the lamb to be slain

You died on the cross to save us

In the tomb you were laid

Oh But three days later…!!!


I hope the lyrics give some insight to the feel of the song! As you may have picked up its an upbeat praise song we’ll sing directly to the Saviour!!!

When its out, sing along and lift your praise too!!!


Thanks for Dropping by and hanging in here with me, it’s getting very near the end of the road…


Time To Get This Underway

Oh My!!! I can hardly believe I am one song away from project completion. This project has seen its way through the close of Winter, the warmth of Spring, the heat of Summer and into the cooling Fall. It is in this season the 2018 Music Project will come to a close.

What song will bring us to this fantastic end? It is a song entitled “Receive My Praise”. It is a favorite of my daughter and was requested by her to be included. I want it to wow her when its complete.

I will share a verse at a time, Here is the first verse and Chorus.


My Life Began With You

My Days Will End There Too

Then I Will Walk With you In Eternity

Eyes Have Not Seen, And Ears Have Not Heard

The Joys You Have Instore For Us


And I Lift My Praise To You

The Way, The Life, The Truth

You Bring Hope To My Days

Receive My Praise

Receive My Praise

Receive My praise


One of many thoughts I have have toyed with lol


Ok I got distracted… is a live broadcast of the songs. I am thinking of setting up an acoustic presentation of the project on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.  A way to end this project with Celebration, Presentation and an Exclamation Point!

As always your thoughts comments and support are appreciated!





Injured And Hindered


I have been both blessed and bothered since last Tuesday (09/18/18). I cut my wrist pretty deep when a socket split and my wrist inadvertently caught a thin piece of metal. By all worldly standards it needed stitches. I gave it a good cleaning and healthy dose of prayer. It clotted fast, my son taped it closed and I’ve been blessed since by its rate of healing. Not once has it hurt or throbbed, Praise the Lord!!! I’ve been bummed though due to the inactivity its caused. I’ve not been able to play guitar for over a week now. That is not good for me… Its therapeutic!

Don’t worry though, I’ve not gone mad or suicidal!!!!

The Project is hindered, yes, but not stopped. I have a version ready for “Feel No Fear”, the song for September. I should have it out by month’s end! I hope to rework it before I call the project complete. I was hoping to add the acoustic to the mix. It would have really helped to fill out the sound. All in all though it’s not a bad recording. Some may even really enjoy the mix. Time will tell!

Thanks as always for your interest and support of the project, we are almost at its end. One more song to record, mix and produce, that’s right, just one more : (


Until Next Time,