Imagining Anticipation

Midweek is upon again! Progress is being made and the end is drawing near. I have recently toyed around with the vocals as well as additions to the drum track. I love adding cymbals! That “crash” though! : ) Things are really coming together quite smoothly.


This app produced the Cymbals you’ll hear on None Greater. this app will see use in future tracks too!

The coming debut is in mind and I admit to wondering how it will be received. It is different from the last month’s track. It is still very much me, my heart’s cry, my sounds and my attempt at putting it all together. I can see no one being moved or everyone being moved or even a brand new set of ears pulled into the song. I accept all as possible outcomes.

I imagine with hope there being anticipation for the next song. I think of how crazy it would be for this project to be the topic of conversation in someone’s living room. I would be shocked to say the least, humbled and excited I promise you. You may wonder how I can adamantly make such a promise. Allow me to explain.

I recently heard this happened. A friend of mine was sitting in his living room with his wife. The conversation was on the songs on the radio. He told me it was after stating her love for the song currently on, she said, “Do you know what other song I love, Michael’s. I love that song.” It was told to her that my new song is set to release this month and she said, “Awesome, I can’t wait!” This really happened!

I was Shocked! I was Humbled! I was excited, I am still! Promise fulfilled! It is a crazy thought for me to process. Amazing what God does when we give him our time and our offerings.

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We’re Closing in

This weekend was great! It was productive and satisfying. I spent some time recording the acoustic guitar and processing vocals. I’ll continue this week to tweak the vocals a bit and save the song ending for last. That seems logical : )

My efforts were not totally unhindered though. I am having some difficulty with some of my plug ins. I am finding it difficult to audition them and sometimes after processing all I get is a high pitch screech in my headphones. OUCH!!! That would be my inward cry of facing technical difficulties head(phones) on! See what I did there????


I had a couple of EQ presets I wanted to try for this recording. One was called POWERFUL, the other was called MANLY VOCALS. The Powerful Preset rounded out the sharpness of the raw vocal. I felt it handled the shouting and loud nature of the song well. I think I would even say it enhanced the sound. The Manly Vocal Preset actually changed the timbre of my voice to the point it sounded unnatural. I have a tenor ish voice therefore Manly Vocals may need a bit of transforming!


I settled on the Powerful Preset and now will continue to struggle with my de esser plug ins. I will attempt to de ess the raw vocals and then apply the Powerful Preset for the finals. I am really liking what I’m hearing, I hope I don’t mess it up!


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Super Pleased Thus Far : )

Vocals are recorded. I am happy with the first effort! I can barely believe it. I sang and recorded the vocals twice. I came home, chose the best out of the two, did minimal editing and voila! I had two sets of ears give their opinion and both were smiling as they affirmed my initial opinion.

Here I am listening oh so closely, I am smiling inwardly !

This go around I decided to record in a makeshift booth. I pulled a cart over by the shelf, making a 90 degree corner. I draped a jacket, pair of pants and a t shirt over the cart and shelf. I hung a handkerchief in front of the mic to act as a pop filter. I set the max volume levels and hit record.

…above is a representation of enough files to call it finished…

That last track above is the vocal. There is very little left to do. I need to record an acoustic guitar intro, maybe a bass track but most of the work I have left is the mixing and then adding the final touches. I can hardly believe how on track this recording has been. I think some prayers are being lifted and answered as well! I can’t wait for you to hear the final product! I really believe its going to be great!

Thanks for dropping in and Happy Friday!!!



Be Vocal!!! For the Music’s Sake!

That’s a title that could be interpreted a few different ways. A few if not all are intentional. I’ve got to be vocal to get this song finished. I have to be vocal in sharing this project. I am grateful that others have been vocal too. The likes, the shares and the subscribing will help the songs reach more and more listeners. Incredible things happen when we get vocal!

I am going to record my first attempt at vocals today. Wish me luck. Say a prayer! I want this song to do all it is capable of doing. Already I’ve heard, “…that gave me chills…” and watched the excitement come across the face of another after hearing a sample and myself singing along. He told me, “you know you have to shout that out, right?!?!”

I do. I do know I must shout and somehow record it. I am hoping to do it justice!

recording day

I loaded up all the gear this morning, enough to be productive anyway : )


Going to be short today, There’s much to be done!

❤ Oh and Happy Valentines Day : ) ❤

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And We have a Drum Track!!!

I love guitar, I really, really like bass and I am starting to really, really, really appreciate drum beats! I sat down a few weeks ago and beat on our drum kit at church. I kept good time, just nothing too interesting. I tried a fill here and there. It was laughable. I have an e-drum kit promised to me in a few weeks. Sounds pretty cool but if I am mediocre at best at drumming I may as well beat box, I’ve been messing around with that for years! Seriously though I am leaning towards using prerecorded drum beats and samples. They sound way more interesting than my beat boxing or my drumming!


A cool blue hue on this Pearl kit, It would be nice but I’d likely sound bad lol

I used a sample drum track last month on “No One Knows” and thought that would be it. I only had one sample to play with, or so I thought. I searched the Guitar Tracks Pro disk and learned I have a plethora of drum samples to add to my recordings! I sampled one sound after another over this  past weekend. I found a sound that set well with the guitars. I chopped and split, moved and rearranged until finally everything clicked. I was blown away by what I was hearing! Strange enough the samples I used were from the folder titled FUNK. What?  So yeah, I guess I was intent to “play that funky music white boy…” : )

I am well on track to getting this song out before March! I am surprised at how much I learned over last months project. It seems much of the groundwork has been laid and now I’m able to build without rebuilding the foundation over and over again! I hope this progress continues over the next months! Time will definitely tell!

I hope this week to lay down some vocal tracks! Should be interesting, I get to shout on this song!

As always, Thanks for dropping in and thanks for your continued support!!!





PROGRESS… and signs are GOOD!!!

Recording Phase is underway. I have played through the verses and chorus with the intro and closing. I have began experimenting with guitar sounds. This is quite fun as this song lends itself to a more aggressive sound. Some Distortion or Overdrive or Delay or Reverb or Some combination of them is going to be in order!


I recorded some examples a day or so ago during lunch break. I loaded up some presets, put the headphones on and jammed out while singing to myself. Once the tracks were laid down I routed them into my little Roland Cube amp. They sounded pretty inspiring, inspiring to the point I started singing, no longer to myself, Josh was standing in the office. I sang the first verse and then did my best to emulate a drum fill before continuing the song! It progressed and I was really into it all the way to closing chord.

Josh said, “Man… there were parts that were giving me chills” It was definitely a good indicator that I was on the right track. Capturing that excitement and emotion on the recording will be the challenge. Oh and that drum fill!

Its Friday and the weekend is upon us. I think I’m feeling up to the challenge!

Happy Friday and Thanks again for your Support!!!



Making Progress on Song #2

I’ll share a quick story. I had just started dating my wife (that was 20 plus years ago) when I witnessed her and her brother rehearsing a song for church. I was floored, blown away, inspired. The live music I was hearing was really something I wanted to be able to do! I went home grabbed my dad’s old guitar out of the closet. I called my uncle who tuned it and wrote down a few chord shapes on a piece of paper. I went home and began my guitar journey.



Contrary to the info graphic above, it was quite stressful, I felt humbled and humiliated at times. My brain was stimulated alright! And I will say Creativity was replaced by sheer ignorance of what music was supposed to sound like. Yes, my hand eye coordination was a necessary element of learning . I think a more accurate title for this info graphic would be Benefits of “PLAYING” Guitar. After the learning curve was over playing guitar was beneficial indeed. I have a found an incredibly enjoyable way to express myself. Thus this project, it too is at times just as crazy as learning guitar was. But I know that the end result will be just as beneficial! Perseverance pays off.


The New Verse is here! Looking over the song I felt like it covered a kingly perspective of Jesus in verse 1. I felt like verse 2 handled the gospel well. What I felt was lacking was a verse that dealt with our Lord’s return. I thought about rapture references. I thought about the many scenes in Revelation. I even thought about Armageddon. There is a pretty gruesome battle coming up.  After reading in Revelation I brainstormed and came up with this.

Smiting the nations
Who sided with Satan
with Rod and sword
Knees will be bowing
Tongues confessing
Jesus is Lord

It sat well as a third verse and fit the structure of the preceding verses and when tested among the family I received the nod and smile of approval. There is something satisfying knowing there is coming a day when the Roaring Lion Of the Tribe of Judah will settle the score. Thankfully there is still time now to choose the winning side. I close today reminding you that we are more than conquerors through him that loved us! (Rom 8:37)


Thanks again for dropping in, your support has been amazing!